Cannabis Analytics for
Medical Marijuana Growers and Producers

Grow and sell the cannabis products your customers actually want

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Genetic Selection

Discover which products, chemovar, and consumption methods are reported as most effective to understand buying habits and reported symptom relief.


Market Research

Understand who, why, where, when, how and how well your products are being used.


Patient Participation

Create ongoing engagement through loyalty rewards and by providing your customers with a much needed journaling tool.


Gain Valuable
Consumer/Patient Insight

Conduct targeted research to spot potential distribution opportunities and emerging market trends.


Unparalleled Cannabis Data

Strainprint offers access to the largest and most robust real-time patient data set in the world, with more than 1 million patient outcomes from lab verified medical cannabis products (over 50 million data points on strain efficacy and live patient use).

Safe, Reliable and Secure

Get top data security and integrity with 24/7/365 uptime, guaranteed business continuity, advanced security monitoring and data backup.

Actual Medical Records

Strainprint data is based on real-time, self-reported medical cannabis patient outcomes from lab-verified products - not anecdotal or qualitative 'reivews.'

Powerful Report Generation

Our reports and intuitive dashboards let anyone in your organization quickly perform in-depth analysis on cannabis use.

Producer Edition Screenshot


  • Custom branded (white-label) versions available
  • Cleansed and verified data to ensure integrity
  • Research-ready with custom surveys and polls
  • Geo-tagged for jurisdictional compliance
  • HIPAA, PHIPA & PIPEDA privacy compliant
  • Integrates with third-party Seed-to-Sale, EMR and ecommerce solutions
  • Based on lab-verified strain composition

Understand Cannabis Better

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Our company has been using Strainprint Analytics since the product was launched. It has greatly improved the way we do business and is a “go-to” tool that our team uses on a daily basis. Having a ‘real-time’ pulse on how our clients are using our cannabis medications after it leaves the shelves is an incredible asset. The demographic and geographical information helps us to ensure production optimization and to continue to offer the products our clients find effective. This tool has allowed us to make meaningful data-driven business decisions that have positively impacted our patient experience.

Adam Saperia
Chief Strategy Officer, Emblem Corp.

Through utilizing our own white labeled version of the Strainprint app we have been able to access an extremely meaningful loyalty program for our customers. It has also increased our consumer engagement through the ability to share anonymous data about product choice, ingestion methods, and ideal treatment for specific symptoms.

Cameron Champion
Chief Information Officer, Surterra Wellness

Strainprint Analytics has provided great value to our company by giving us a competitive advantage. Not only have we been able to use the data to see what’s working, but more importantly what’s not working. This keeps us at the forefront as innovators within the competitive cannabis business landscape.

Nicole Lucarino
Officer Manager, Canna Farms