We believe that taking the time to track your cannabis experience is key to learning as much as we can about how cannabis helps people, and it should be rewarded. That is why every time you track a session or answer a survey, you get rewarded with what we call, Strainpoints™. Strainpoints™ can be redeemed for a variety of loyalty items, including cannabis accessories, discount coupons, and our beautiful swag. You can browse these loyalty items at any time by tapping on the number at the bottom of your Strainprint app home screen. Once you have enough points, simply tap on the item and redeem!

Each year, Strainprint users redeem for thousands of items, and we even have a way for you to donate points to help people in need.


You can redeem for a maximum of 5 loyalty items in any combination of the following: 

• E-Gift Cards
• Strainprint Merchandise
• Cannabis Accessories (eg: Strainprint 4 piece grinder)
• One (1) Herbal Vaporizer


Program notes: 

Shipping is free of charge. Please allow up to 48 hours for your tracking information, gift card, or coupon email to be sent to you. Orders are not processed during weekends.

Issues with your shipment will need to be sorted out with Canada Post or the USPS once shipments are sent out. We have no control until it gets shipped back to us.

Vendor coupons
Vendor coupons and points donations are excluded from the loyalty redemption limit and may be redeemed in any quantity.

Damaged goods
We use Canada Post to ship our packages to you at no charge. If something is damaged in transit, we require you to send the item back before we can replace it with a new one. Contact us and we can sort it out.

Sizing for apparel
Currently, there is no designated spot to specify what size you would like. So you can provide that information in the first or last name field, or you could contact us, and let us know.


* You can learn more by viewing the FAQ, or by visiting Terms of Service for a full list of loyalty program rules and conditions.